We believe that everyone that cares for the harbour is a Kaitiaki and recognises them as such.
The video below illustrates our definition of what Kaitiakitanga encompasses.

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Acknowledgement to World Wildlife Fund and Kia Ngawari Trust.


  • Maintain the wairua, protection and conservation within Aotea Harbour.
  • Strengthen and provide information pertaining to areas of concern
  • Sole responsibility for issuing permits for legitimate customary fishing and research within Aotea Harbour
  • Consult with kaumatua before issuing any permits to people who wish to go customary fishing (including gathering of shellfish)
  • Maintain a record of permits issued and kai moana taken from customary fishing
  • Plan and enforce rahui or m├útaitai if necessary
  • Consult with maraes from Aotea Harbour catchment quarterly
  • Establish network and maintain an open communication with appropriate organisations
  • Prepare yearly calendar of events for Aotea Harbour
  • Participate in Harbour Awareness days to promote the role of Kaitiaki.
  • Kaitiaki to keep a record of any bones found in Aotea Harbour and rebury them.